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Christmas Homework / Private Study

Use your grid to catch up and update your blogs and develop your research. There are many items to research - just tick off the list as you go.

1. Research:
INDIVIDUAL BLOG: Find and embed extracts and grabs that inspire you or that you'd like to emulate in your work. You might focus on camerawork, editing, lighting, mise-en-scene etc...
Similarly, research soundtracks! Embed as you go...
INDIVIDUAL BLOG: update / complete your Narrative Research, specifically by applying the theories to existing films and to your own opening.
INDIVIDUAL BLOG / GROUP BLOG: Audience Research - questionnaires (general on thriller genre and specific to test your pitch), interviews (filmed) and figures/ stats to establish exactly who your target audience are. You should publish your results on the group blog along with a description of one of your typical audience member ( make it visual - example to follow).

2. Planning:
GROUP BLOG: Pitch (and feedback received), shotlist and storyboard should be posted as a bare minimum. Completed TIMELINE strongly welcome.

INDIVIDUAL BLOG: ideas for costumes, props, mise-en-scene, lighting.

3. Planning:
Recce shots, test shoots etc... Pictures of potential locations etc...

4. Research:
INDIVIDUAL BLOG: Research Production / Distribution Companies in more detail. Some of you have started some research but now dig 'deeper' and give examples of what they do / films produced / distributed.
In class, we briefly looked at some production companies - you might want to start here but explore further on your own.
Coffee Films
Hammer Film Productions

Here is an example of one student's research into the question.

OF COURSE, WE WISH YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Find the time to work, rest and play


Research and Planning. Due in.

Research and Planning should be well under way.
Post your Narrative notes on your Individual blog. You should also apply the theories to existing films.
You should also have a post there on how you thinkthe pitch went and what feedback you were given.
Someone from each group needs to post the pitch on the group blog.

You should be working on final script, shotlist and storyboard. These will need to be finished in the next lesson.
On your individual blog, you should be gathering film extracts and screengrabs from which you take inspiration, with a few bullet points on what it is that you like: mise-en-scene, costumes, props, lighting, shot frames or angles, editing techniques etc.

Finally, you should take recce pictures of possible locations.

Lots to do! Work as a team but don't forget to show how well you engage individually as well.

Here is an example of the kind of storyboard you need to be aiming for (though this one is for a music video). You'll be creating the animatic next week:


Planning your treatment, ready for your pitch and other research tasks

Initial research and planning should be well under way by now. You have a list of things to include in your pitch and both your individual blogs and group blogs should be filling up.

However, this is not happening (except for one student). Very worrying.

From Tuesday 6th December, compulsory 'catch up' sessions will take place at lunchtime in the pod, then every Tuesday for targeted students, continuing on Wednesdays if you are still behind.

Failure to attend will be followed by a Negative Referral and phone call home.

Yasmin Treatment task from last yea

Please keep on top of things and remember that you are working towards 50% of your AS grade.

Other research tasks: Narrative, Todorov, Barthes, Propp's character roles.