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Dear Moderator,

Here you can find the links to our students' individual and group blogs. The group blogs are essentially used to trace the Planning done. The individual blogs contain Research and Planning as well as the final products and Evaluations. You can also find early research and practical tasks on their individual Induction blogs.
Please note: All students have created an individual edit of their Thriller opening though they planned and filmed together.

Group 1 Blog (KMG)

Group 1 members:
Komal Rana - 7321: Komal's blog
(The group started planning and filming together then Komal decided to veer off somewhat and therefore did her own shoot)
Mathura Balachandran - 7296: Mathura's Blog
Geerthani Ganesamoorthy- 7305: Geerthani's Blog

Group 2 Blog (Third Wing Visuals)

Aruran Arulanatham - 7294: Aruran's Blog
Aymen Soliman - 7329: Aymen's Blog
Anujan Thillairajah- 6249: Anujan's Blog

Group 3 Blog (S!CK Productions)

Group 3 members:
Carmela Okofu-Newman - 7145: Carmela's Blog
Kamini Dhivar - 6049: Kamini's Blog
Sharenieka Ketheeswaran - 6113: Sharenieka's Blog

Group 4 Blog (Crossfire Productions)

Group 4 members:
Samir Sarwari - 7325: Samir's Blog
Snehal Khimani - 7310: Snehal's Blog
Rahul - Horeesorun - 7307 : Rahul's Blog