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You go, Sharenieka!

Well done for making such a great start on your evaluation!

Refer to the appendix at the end of the pack to help you with question 2. Also look at models/ exemplars from the Essential Links on the left-hand side.

Good post on Representation from Kamini - Look closely at representation of men in thrillers - usually the protagonist and antagonist are male in thrillers!


Due in for next lesson: week starting 27.2.12

- You need to draft, in written form, your responses to Evaluation questions 2-5 at least. Post on your individual blogs.
- Leave feedback/ peer-assessment on 2 other students' cuts. You can add comments on their blogs.

Remember the looming deadline: 2nd March. All rough evaluations in.
FINAL DEADLINE: Friday 9th March. Time's ticking...



Some of your rough cuts so far

Feel free to leave constructive comments, either here or on each other's blogs.


Blog of the week

Close call between Carmela and Sharenieka!

We will go with Sharenieka for now since much effort has been put into catching up.

Well done!

Updates and deadlines

You need to write at least 2 posts a week reflecting on your progress, embedding grabs of what you're doing and learning alond the way, eg. new tool or technique in Final Cut or how you are diverging from the initial storyboard and why.
Also esplain what you are doing with sound design and soundtrack - the research should be there too (embed as much as possible so we can 'hear' what you're planning...)
Maybe you're hesitating between 2 editing options and would like some peer feedback...

You can also reflect on and list what's still to be done.
All this should give us an idea of your "journey".

Many of you are missing some research and planning on titles. Make sure you put this to right as soon as possible.
We will start assessing the Research and Planning part of the blogs during half-term so it's got to be ready. The mark scheme is in your booklets and all over the walls in the pod.

You should also start planning your answers to the evaluation questions. Make sure you have done all the necessary research in order to answer them.

Finally you will show your films this week and receive feedback which you will need to log carefully and reflect upon.
If you're behind with your edit, start spending more time in the pod!
(Nearly) final cuts should be ready by the end of the end of the double lesson on Thursday or Friday.

Reminder - these are your Evaluation questions, counting towards 20 marks (as many as for Research and Planning):
This is the booklet you need to refer to. It is to be found at the back of the assessment booklet you already have. Please look at the A2 media students' blogs to look at the varied ways to evaluate creatively.
A2 Music Video Blog
Marking Criteria and activities for the evaluation

Example from other centre (note - your evalution must feature on your individual blog)
A2 Evaluations - Look at Hasina's tasks and Chloe's voice over for inspiration.

Just to remind you again, here are the criteria for a level 4:
16–20 marks
- Excellent understanding of issues around audience, institution, technology, representation, forms and conventions in relation to production.
- Excellent ability to refer to the choices made and outcomes.
- Excellent understanding of their development from preliminary to full task.
- Excellent ability to communicate.
- Excellent skill in the use of digital technology or ICT in the evaluation

Finally, for some of your film openings (particularly Komal, Geerthy and Mathura), this is an idea you might want to explore when your character wakes up (at the start):