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Early research and planning - group and independent study

1. Picture of your initial ideas + more detail - Plot summary in a few points, ideas for the opening, mood board, conventions of your chosen sub-genre(s) with embedded examples (screen grabs, trailers, opening sequences)
2. Each member of the group needs to complete a detailed analysis of a third film opening but this time, you choose the film; it should be a similar product to the type of opening you want to produce.
3. Film production name and ideas for a logo + research into UK film production companies that produce thriller films.


Thriller Genre

Found these useful PPTs. Read them to consolidate your understanding, including the different ways in which Thriller sub-genres are categorised.


Home Learning/ private study due in 22 or 23.11 - for week beginning 7.2.11

- Research Thriller sub-genres and different ways of categorising them. Focus on 2 or 3 sub-genres and illustrate with film extracts, film posters, and screen grabs from films.

- Read the sheet on Thriller Conventions very carefully and start finding examples to illustrate the different conventions highlighted. This should be on-going from now on.

- Now the groups have been agreed, each group is a now a production company - it needs a name and a logo. Come up with a name and designs for your logo. Look at existing examples of Film production companies as part of your research to get some inspiration.

ALL THE ABOVE COUNT DIRECTLY TOWARDS THE RESEARCH PART OF YOUR COURSEWORK. Look at the mark scheme for clarification (in your guidance packs).

- Finally, your documentaries on genre should be exported by the beginning of next week so that the other class can watch and evaluate them.
This means that the edit must be fine-tuned and exported by the end of Monday 21.11.11.
I'll upload them to YouTube so that you can embed them into your blogs.


Blog of the Week...

Some superb work from Aymen! Well done!

Others have produced some good quality posts too, Mathura and Komal amongst others. Keep it going!


Homework and private study for 15 or 16.11.11

Make sure you read your pack on Genre and Genre Theory again carefully, particularly the bits we did not read together in class. You also need to post your notes from the 2 lessons if you haven't done so already.
Finally conduct a bit more research on your own and post a few notes on what you found out about genre. A good place to start is


Blog of the week

Carmela's blog looks like a good contestant! Well done and keep it up!

Some of you are working hard right now to catch up and improve your blogs. That's fantastic. The grades will move up fast if you keep it going!

Can I remind some of you about the NICCS task and your notes on the first Genre lesson (see post below)? It's missing from some blogs!


classwork and homework - genre DUE IN 8 or 9.11.11

We have completed the NICCS grid on Blade Runner. Now complete one for The Bourne Identity trailer and one other trailer from the list below.
Due in next week.

Generic Conventions AS task
Secondly, you should post your class notes on Genre. Why did you learn? What are the debates around genre? What is the importance of star association with a genre? What can we look for to identify a genre?
What about the triangular relationship?

You could write some bullet points to sum up your responses.