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(G321) Dear moderator,

Here you can find the links to our students' individual blogs. The blogs contain Research and Planning as well as the final products and Evaluations. You can also find early research and practical tasks on their individual Induction blogs.
Please note: All students have created an individual edit of their Thriller opening though they planned and filmed in pairs.

Group 1: 
Lisha Gorasia 8067 - Lisha's blog:
Priyesh Mistry 8141 - Priyesh's blog:

Group 2:
George Schena 8218 -  George's blog:
Leena Tulsidas 8256- Leena's blog:

Group 3:
Romina Mohammad-Nejad 8146 - Romina's blog:
Roshni Vaja 8324  - Roshni's blog:

Group 4: 
Andrew Heush 7073 - Andrew's blog:
Kelly Amdur 8009 - Kelly's blog:
Nikita Petralia 8317 - Nikita's blog: