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DEADLINE and breathe a sigh of relief...

Dear all,

Some of your evaluations are really looking great. Well done for making it!
You've given me a lot to worry about so you won't mind if I just take a moment to breathe and sit back!

Over the next few days, I might email you to ask you to tweak a few things on your blog. You can also book some one-on-one time on Thursday lunchtime (for those who have lessons in the afternoon) or afternoon to fine-tune details with me in order to get the highest possible grade.

A few of you need to tweak labels, titles and links. A link to a group blog should be called 'Group X Blog' for instance.

One thing you also need to do is to close your blog with a goodbye message and insert your preliminary task(s) and your final edit. Make sure you put the name of the 2 people who created that edit.


UPDATED(again) see last paragraph plus video -Coursework Deadline - Monday 14th March - 5pm

Come on! Those of you who have started have made a good job of it so far. Spread the work; there is a minimum of 10 hours' work to do!
Here is that blog again to use as a model if you're stuck for ideas.

REMINDER - A STRAIGHT FORWARD EVALUATION ESSAY (PLAIN TEXT THROUGHOUT) WILL ONLY GET A TOP LEVEL 2 MAXIMUM. You have been warned! The board has been very explicit about this.
See previous posts or your assessment booklet for all criteria. A key one is:
Excellent skill in the use of digital technology or ICT in the evaluation

Some pointers for a great evaluation - please refer to your assessment booklets, particularly the back pages with many questions to tick off as you deal with them. Also use them to highlight areas you haven't fully addressed.

For example, one question that is usually done vaguely / poorly is:
How did you attract/ address your audience?
Refer back to your planning and your audience feedback to fully address the question.
• Do you think you have reached your target audience?
• What did you include when planning your production that you thought would appeal to your
• Using quotes from the audience feedback address how these did appeal and why?
• Overall what else has been successful in your production according to audience feedback?
(technical/ organisational/ audience)
• What was less successful? (audience feedback)
• How could the work be improved?
Great chance to create and film interviews etc but also to analyse what your participants are saying!
Another question is: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
This section should concentrate on the key decisions and revisions made in pre-production/
production/post production in light of technology and skills.
• What key decisions did you make about technology during pre-production/
production/ post production?
• Why were these decisions made?
• What technology did you use at each stage? (Use correct names and identify how/ where/why used)
• What were successful uses of new technology in your production process? How did the technologies helped you develop your creativity? How much did you experiment?
• What were less successful?
• What have you learnt?
Make sure you have pictures of equipment / screengrabs of work in progress; you can also produce "How we did..." videos or comments.

Question 2 is focusing on representation of a social group - Use what we discussed in last Thursday's lesson about representation - You can focus on gender or/and on the (socio-economic etc.) background of a group of people. Don't forget to address whether or not the representation is fair / stereotypical / antagonistic or sympathetic etc. and how this was achieved through the micro-elements.

For the questions on conventions, attracting your audience and /or technologies used, it is useful to look at DVD extras where post-production choices are discussed. For example, look at this short one from 3:22 (not much is said before then)



Can I remind you all that there are 7 evaluation tasks to post on your individual blogs? You must start posting.