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Watching other students' film openings

Remember to watch and select relevant examples, embed into your individual blog and comment on what works well, what could be improved, how it relates to your project.

You can watch these ones from Long Road College:
Long Road YouTube Channel and again two years ago
And from Latymer school
Latymer YouTube Channel

And of course many more with an advanced serch on YouTube or Vimeo.

Booking equipment over Christmas

I still need a few slips back. I will put a list up tomorrow.

So far, group 4 and group 2 will be sharing one camcorder. The tripod has also been booked. I'll confirmed tomorrow which one they are taking. We seem to be having a few problems uploading from the Canon at the moment... I'll try to finish sort it all out tomorrow morning.

The groups are responsible for the equipment over the holidays and for ensuring they swap at some point. If you belong to the other groups and are behind with shooting, talk to me or email before the end of lunch tomorrow.

A few updates and lessons learnt:
- when you have finished shooting, upload as soon as possible;
- when you have finished with the equipment, return it safely, sign off the yellow sheet, put cameras to charge.

- I have converted group 3's footage and opened a new FCE project (I experted 2 short clips from your chase sequence so you could embed that into your blog tomorrow morning; won't take 5 minutes) - all saved in Josh's folder.

- I have deleted a lot of stuff from different cameras but everything is backed up on the Media drive. Look in the Misc folder if you're looking for footage or photos. You will also find them in iPhoto's library.

- I have saved some footage in David's folder. Put it on a USB tomorrow to be able to use it from home.

Anything else, please contact me.

And catch up on these blogs!!!

We'll start editing after Christmas.

Learn from students' work

Look at other students' blogs and evaluate!

Write a couple of bullet points about the ways in which this will help you improve your blog. Set yourself a clear TO DO list.

Yasmin from Latymer


Copy of email - equipment issues and home learning

Dear all,

I am sorry to have to email you again but there are several issues which must be addressed.

1. Being very busy last week with A2 deadline, I simply assumed that reply slips had been handed in to Mr Molloy. Unfortunately, it looks like some of you still need to be nagged and reminded, and I really hope that it is the last time. We are asking you all to behave in a grown up and responsible way in this subject and you need to rise to that challenge. You really shouldn't have been off-site without having brought back the slip.

Furthermore, I was livid when I found out that some students did not turn up for their afternoon lessons on Thursday. You will not be allowed to use lesson time off-site in the future until I have it from your teachers that you have apologized and caught up. If you haven't managed that in a mature way, I will follow up next week with phone calls home and may invite parents in.

2. I explained in the letter that any borrowed equipment must be looked after then brought back charged or left charging. Imagine my upset once again when the camcorders were needed on Friday and both had been left with very little battery remaining, and the Sony seems to be slightly damaged on top. As of Friday afternoon, one camera box (no 4, I believe) was missing and the flip camera has not been returned, nor the tripod. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Follow the routines in place or you will have to use your own equipment.
Furthermore, you need to take the whole box when borrowing something - bring your own bag to carry equiment.

3. Blogs need regurlar updating and some research work must be done for tomorrow, including tasks set last week and not yet completed. The rest must be completed by Wednesday to give me a chance to increase your Progress Checks grades on Thursday if I think it is deserved.

Home learning:
- All results from audience research so far must be published. Include Certificate you'd like to go for and why. Visit the BBFC site for guidelines.
- All storyboards must be posted, in any shape you like for now
- I linked one exemplar blog and asked you to read through it and reflect a little on what you've learnt from it - post on individual blog (see earlier post)
- you need one more (at least) detailed film opening analysis, preferably of a thriller that you are using as inspiration (either for plot, character type, setting, style etc) - individual blog
- Watch lots of students' film openings from other centres and select 2 or 3 which you can learn from for your own work, link them to your blog and make notes on: good points / even better if. You will find loads of examples from the Latymer school YouTube channel, but you may also look at Long Road Sixth Form and others - individual blog
- Group meetings minutes MUST APPEAR ON GROUP BLOGS
- If you've been off-site, you must write updates on your blogs of what has been achieved, what went wrong and what you've learnt along the way. You will accompany that with extracts of what you shot (this can be done in class and / or Wednesday lunchtime sessions) and behind the scenes photos.

It is a lot but we've told you from the start it would be hard work. There should be more activity than ever on your blogs at the moment and instead, the reverse seems to be happening.

That's it. I apologize for the bulk email but some things must be said.

Finally, I understand that group 3 are filming tomorrow. As I said earlier, reply slips must be brought in without fail for this to happen, and the missing equipment brought back (particularly the tripod).

No one else is booked to be out. Let me know if you've organised something.

All the groups who have been out so far will need to upload their footage by the end of lunchtime. In future, aim to upload straight away so that other groups have plenty of memory space to shoot their own footage.

Group 1: Manan, David, Devki, Shreyaa
Group 2: Raju, Omar, Robert, Ashwin
Group 3: Harshiv, Matthew, Josh, Keval
Group 4: Khushel, Yasmin, Nimesh, Viraj

Weekend (11 and 12.12.10 .12.10) - no one booked

Monday 13.12.10 / pm: please find me at the beginning of lunch in the pod
Group 3 booked -(camcorder 2 - Canon + microphone + ?)

Thursday 16.12.10 / am:
Group 3 off-site - shoot (camcorder 2 - Canon + microphone + ?) IS THIS STILL HAPPENING? If yes, I need to see you between Monday and Thursday.
Group 2 off-site - shoot (camcorder 1 - Sony)


Trip to Channel 4, anyone?

Dear all,

I have justy received this message from Ms S. Patel and I'm sure some of you will be interested. If you are, you need to see Ms Patel on Monday at lunchtime in T2.

Ms P wrote: "I have a great opportunity to take a small number of media-hungry students to Channel 4 in January/February. Do you know of any that may be interested in this? The applications need to be in by 20th December. I can help them with it next week."

Act quickly if you want to be involved!


Blog example - Go through this very carefully. Due in Monday 13.12.10

You need to realize how much work you need to put in so I would like you to look at this blog.
The student was not working on a Thriller but all the steps are there.

After looking through it, you need to write a post about what you thought was good about it, which posts were particularly effective etc. Finally you need to give yourself 3 targets / tasks you will fulfill by next Monday 13th December.

NEXT STEPS: To research who would distribute your film. Please look at the evaluation below to start thinking about it.

Victoria's AS blog - evaluation question 3


Thursday 9.12.11 - due in whether you're in the lesson or not

You must have identified a clear target audience by then and you must show the steps you've taken to identify it and to test your ideas against this specified audience. This doesn't mean just an endless series of questionnaires. Use the range of techniques discussed in class including interviews, preferably with your target audience, and the tools available through Web 2.0.

Look at similar films and research their audience - How was it marketed to appeal to the target audience? What are the viewing figures?

You must be able to answer these questions fully and with illustrations:
1. What is the core target audience? Is there a secondary target audience?
2. How would you describe the tastes of your target audience?

And later, after a little more research and teaching, you also need to answer this:
3. What functions does this kind of film genre serve to its audience? (uses and gratifications audience theory - why not start researching that?

Think of films which features similar plots / characters / settings / types of editing and screengrabs / comment / analyse.

Similarly, you should all aim to complete one better analysis of a film opening, acting on the target I gave you last time. Choose your film carefully so that it is one of the "similar products" mentioned in your criteria, You need to show progress.
Look at this student's analyses:

You should also be updating your pitch in the light of the feedback received and post the improved / revised version. Please see handout about The Treatment again.

No one has yet posted any group meeting minutes (including group time in class).
Some groups still haven't posted the feedback on pitch.

Group 4 haven't posted a pitch - a summary of the plot is NOT a pitch.
Target audience must be part of the pitch/treatment.


Planning - storyboard and shotlist - updated

Only group 4 have uploaded a shotlist.

One group have nothing on their blog.

No one has posted the feedback received on their pitch.

No one has written minutes of group meetings.

Group 2 must upload a rough storyboard and shot list + a schedule for any off-site time. You should not be off-site if this has not been completed.

Sort it out immediately. Not too pleased right now...


Group blogs / individual blogs

You must keep updating. Two group blogs are empty so the time given in lesson has not been used very effectively.

You must post the feedback received on your pitch.

Storyboard, even rough, should be appearing along with initial shot lists.


Shooting Schedule so far and equipment release

Group 1: Manan, David, Devki, Shreyaa
Group 2: Raju, Omar, Robert, Ashwin
Group 3: Harshiv, Matthew, Josh, Keval
Group 4: Khushel, Yasmin, Nimesh, Viraj

Monday 6.12.10 / pm:
Group 1 off-site - (camcorder 1 - Sony + tripod - dolly?) - CANCELLED
Group 2 off-site - test shoot (camcorder 2 available - Canon)

Wednesday 8.12.10 / am:
Group ? off-site - test shoot (camcorder 2 - Canon)

Thursday 9.12.10 / am:
Group 4 off-site - Shoot (camcorder 1 - Sony + ?)
Group 2 off-site - Shoot (camcorder 2 - Canon)

Weekend (11 and 12.12.10 .12.10) - no one booked yet

Monday 13.12.10 / pm:
no one booked yet

Thursday 16.12.10 / am:
Group 3 off-site - shoot (camcorder 2 - Canon + microphone + ?)

Nothing else booked so far. We can discuss borrowing of equipment over Christmas depending on how reliable and efficient your group has been so far. You would need to stay in touch with other groups to share equipment equitably and remember that you would be responsible for it at all times.

After Christmas, there will be further opportunities to shoot outside lessons but by then, it really should be a reshoot or additional footage if necessary.

Under no circumstance should you be off-site during Media lesson time unless previously agreed. A letter is being sent home this weekend to explain it all to parents / carers. There is a reply slip to bring back as well, bearing parental signature. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO ON A SHOOT OR BORROW EQUIPMENT IF YOU FAIL TO BRING BACK THE REPLY SLIP.

Finally, when borrowing any equipment, you must fill in and sign a yellow EQUIPMENT RELEASE FORM, available in the Media pod. When filming is completed, you must bring back the equipment and make sure the cameras are charged or left charging in the pod.

Aim to upload footage ASAP. Use the Log and Transfer function in Final Cut, making sure that you save your project first in the way you have been shown (change scratchdisk to your folder - see instructions in the pod if you have forgotten)


Using your blog as a diary - planning / research

As you've been told on Monday, this is the stage where you should record everything on your blog about group meetings and what you are doing about planning and research. The posts need not be long but rather short entries, diary - style, about what is going on. You should aim for a post every 2 - 3 days.

REMINDER - group pitch tomorrow