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READ CAREFULLY - On-Going work and Home learning due in Thursday 2.12.10

Firstly no one has completed the H/l due in yesterday (Todorov and Propp). Sort it out ASAP. You must keep to deadlines even when there is no lesson. Time is very short to complete all the coursework.

Where you should be now:

You should have sorted out your ideas by now, possibly organized a Facebook page which you could later screengrab and embed to show on-going group decisions.

On Monday, you'll be in full pre-production mode. Target audience research should be under way and your pitch should be taking shape. This time, it's the real thing! Look again at the ideas posted previously on how to pitch and to the hand out distributed in class.
You will also have started your storyboard and shotlist.

You should have at least one group meeting a week outside of lessons where decisions are recorded and minutes taken; these should appear weekly on your blog.

For Thursday, you need to have prepared your group pitch and will give a presentation to the class as a group. You might prefer a PowerPoint this time as you will need to bring in a hard copy (at least one per group). You will be assessed on your pitch and will receive peer and teacher feedback which you must record carefully and post on your blog (this will be needed for your Planning and Evaluation).

What next? The next steps will be:

- To do recce shots and shoot at the weekend, take pictures of actors, costumes, props, sets etc... and post to blog.
- To organize the shoot, planning ahead and writing schedules for your "shoot days" - more guidance to follow. All this is evidence of planning. No excuse for not getting a level 3 here at least.

Other on-going work must be to continue your research of real media products with film opening analyses, screengrabs of films / sets and locations / atmosphere / camerawork / mise-en-scene/ editing you are inspired by in your project.

All this demands a high level of independence, organization and determination. Time management and organization are criteria against which you are assessed. The weekly 5 hour independent study must be done or your group (and your grade) will suffer.

However this remains an enjoyable process and we hope you have fun with it.

PS: Matthew, rethink some of your questions in your questionnaire. Set yourself a clear objective first about what you are trying to achieve / demonstrate / find out. THiS is valid for all groups. Consider Web 2.0 to conduct market research.

Remember to plan with the evaluation questions firmly in mind:
Evaluation questions

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?
3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
4. Who would be the audience for your media product?
5. How did you attract/address your audience?

6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?
7. Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Refer to your booklets for further guidance.

Finally here are the criteria (Level 4) for Research and Planning, and for Evaluation:
Research and Planning: Level 4 16–20 marks
- There is excellent research into similar products and a potential target audience.
- There is excellent organisation of actors, locations, costumes or props.
- There is excellent work on shotlists, layouts, drafting, scripting or storyboarding.
- There is an excellent level of care in the presentation of the research and planning
- Time management is excellent.

Level 4 16–20 marks
- Excellent understanding of issues around audience, institution, technology, representation, forms and conventions in relation to production.
- Excellent ability to refer to the choices made and outcomes.
- Excellent understanding of their development from preliminary to full task.
- Excellent ability to communicate.
- Excellent skill in the use of digital technology or ICT in the evaluation


Home learning due in Monday 22.11.10 and Thursday 25.11.10

1. For Monday, your group should have a rough pitch to offer:
- theme and subgenre (or hybrid)
- rough idea of the narrative
- some idea of the style
- a couple of examples of real life products in mind

You will be presenting this in class and get feedback on initial ideas.

It's time to get organized so as to be able to communicate amongst yourself: email /tweet each other; some groups set up a Facebook page so as to be able to quickly reach everyone.

2. For Thursday: Apply Todorov’s 5 stage model and Propp’s theory about character roles (or spheres of action) to a Thriller of your choice, preferably a ‘similar product’ to your own planned production.


Home learning due in Thursday 18.11.10

1. You need to write a detailed analysis of two film openings. The first is the opening of "The Silence of the Lambs" directed by Jonathan Demme (focus on the first 6 min). The second should be a Thriller of your own choice, particularly in a sub-genre that you want to focus on in your project (see guidance below).

Watch carefully and write a detailed analysis of this opening sequence. Read the example on "The Shining" to see a model of an analysis posted earlier (or click here: Research - Analysing film openings, a model)
Remember that to achieve higher grades, you need to be ANALYTICAL rather than just descriptive. Don't simply tell me that there is a close up at this point or a tracking movement at that point. Explain how it helps the narrative and how it is supposed to affect the reader.

Discuss the ways in which the extract aims to construct an effective thriller opening using the following:
  • Camera shots, angles, movement and composition;
  • Editing;
  • Sound;
  • Mise-en-scene;
  • Narrative method;
  • Titles.
Finally, make sure that you use screengrabs to support your points. Avoid Scribd this time and write directly into a post, including pictures. You could also do a 9 frame contact sheet again (see Art of The Title) and link your points to the relevant frame/picture.

2. The second task is to evaluate your classwork (animatic / director's commentary), focusing on the areas of the question you addressed well and those you left out or underdeveloped. You should also comment on the quality of your animatic. Don't forget to embed it.


REMINDER - don't leave home learning task till Wednesday night...

... as there is an element of audience research to be conducted before then.
The task is here:
Home learning set Monday 1.11.10 due in Thursday 11.11.10

This is a group's pitch to get you inspired (it doesn't cover everything but gives you an idea of what needs doing)

You can also look at their blog here; this work achieved level 4 in the 3 areas.