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Genre - What is it? Why does it exist?

Using the class discussion and the pack provided as starting points, write a post addressing some of the issues around genre.

You could produce a documentary to engage with the ideas in a lively way.

Here are some of the slides from a series of lessons (we will look at opening sequences next week).

Starting your research! Initial Thriller Research

Time to get more familiar with the Thriler genre.

Find out about the generic conventions of Thrillers, the different ways in which the sub-genres are categorised, including a look at Charles Derry's classification. Look at how well thrillers do at the box office, which are the most successful of recent times, which are the classics of the genre.

Start watching too! Embed extracts, opening sequences, screen grabs. Look at gender representation and typical narratives in Thrillers.

In other words, familiarise yourself with the genre!