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Dear Moderator,

Here you can find the links to our students' individual and group blogs. The group blogs are essentially used to trace the Planning and some Research. The individual blogs contain some Research and Planning, as well as the final products and Evaluations. You can also find early research and practical tasks on their individual Induction blogs.

Group 1 Blog
Group 1 members:
Shreyaa Pattni, 6190 - Shreyaa's blog
Devki Mistry, 6144 -Devki's blog
Manan Vekaria, 6264 - Manan's blog
David Hanley, 6324 - David's blog

The edits created in pairs were brought together towards the end of the project so that there is only one final version of this film opening.

Group 2 Blog (Shallow Grave Productions)
Group 2 members:
Raju Patel, 6183 - Raju's blog
Ashwin Dabasia, 6040 - Ashwin's blog
Omar Paracha, 6336 - Omar's blog
(one original member of the group decided quite early on to give up Media Studies). One final edit for this group.

Group 3 Blog
Group 3 members:
Matthew Mountford-Brock, 6157 - Matthew's blog
Joshua Stewart, 6238 - Josh's blog
Harshiv Rawal, 6199 - Harshiv's blog
Keval Varsani, 6346 - Keval's blog
Two versions of "Evasion" have been created in pairs - Matthew and Josh's version, and Keval and Harshiv's edit.

Group 4 Blog
Group 4 members:
Yasmin Amey, 6010 - Yasmin's blog
Khushel Valji, 6258 - Khushel's blog
Viraj Khajuria, 6114 - Viraj's blog
Nimesh Devshi, 6047 - Nimesh's blog
Two final edits: Yasmin and Khushel's edit, and Viraj and Nimesh's edit.